Sunday, January 4, 2009

yellowsn0w iPhone 3G unlock

iPhone dev-team released the unlock solution for iPhone 3G called "yellowsn0w".

Here's my way to unlock iPhone 3G:

This tutorial is for yellowsn0w 9.5.0(use -q or -a) yellowsn0w 9.4.0 (use -l or -a) yellowsn0w 9.1.0 (use -q or -a) in all steps. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!

1.DFU mode restore your iphone to 2.2 with bb 2.28.00 affter ready close itunes dont sync, activate or nothing just close it!!!

2. quickpwn it with installer and cydia installed

3. when phone is ready connect to wifi,got to cydia, when opend for the first time ignore the update for cydia
and install first mobileterminal from cydia.

4. turn off data roaming and 3g connection from settings !!!!!

5. install yellowsn0w from installer affter adding the source offcource

6. Restart

7. when phone is reset wait for 20-30 secs and go to mobile terminal

8. go to terminal
type yellowsn0w -c
type yellowsn0w -r
type yellowsn0w (-l if ver. 9.4.0) or (-q if ver. 9.1.0 or 9.5.0)
airplane mode on
airplane mode off

Here's my method of fixing some bug(issues) after unlock.

1. Install Bossprefs from cydia
2. Click Config
3 .Click Add
4. Name: Yellowsn0w
Start: yellowsn0w -l( if ver.9.4.0) -r(if ver.9.5.0)
Stop: yellowsn0w -r
Process: yellosn0w
5. Click Save
6. Click Power and reboot

update: 01/12/09

Update yellosn0w to 0.9.6 and it works smoothly.