Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi to all,

Since unlocking industries are destroyed by geohotz, through his blacksn0w/blackra1n.

Now im having enough time to think and calculate to do a software method of downgrading the baseband for future use purposes only.

For the meantime, I'll share this lil trick using mac to sync your cycorder video's.

I've been looking around to find the easiest way to sync cycorder video (as the title shows) with my Mac and I think i found one (may be somebody else came up with this as well but didn't find it so here it goes):

First, the "official" way to get your recorded video is with SSH which is a pain in that special place. Also a pretty smart improvement was to use a file sharing app to download the videos. Well, with little effort you can have iphoto downloading your precious videos and once they're in you can put them easily like "legit" video in your iphone ipod.

Let's begin from the beginning:

* I strongly suggest you to get firm 3.0
-> Install Cycorder from Cydia
-> Install MobileTerminal from Cydia because we're unix geks.
-> Run mobileterminal and type: cd /private/var/mobile/Media
-> Type: mv Videos Videos.old
-> Type: ln -s "./private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM" ./Videos
-> Try to record some fancy video with cycorder, connect your iphone via usb to the mac and open iphoto.

It works? Happy? Now the explanation: Usually the 3G$ stores the video in this very folder "DCIM" like every camera plus dog. The iphoto and may be other windows applications just download every media inside that folder. The trick is to just put away the cycorder videos folder and create an alias or link to the DCIM folder named Videos.

Greets to tamiya.


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